Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i LOVE yOU!♡♥♡

93/365 i LOVE yOU!♡♥♡, originally uploaded by QuEpAsA Boy!.

"Just wanted to say thanks to you all. Love you bunches.

I dreamed of all you guys a long time before I even knew who you were. I always hoped to have an audience to speak to, so I decided to start a 365 in August to make some new friends. However, by the end of September I was really starting to feel sad, because I had no one commenting on my pictures..... then came October, and I got randomly in a week all these new buddies =) Now I am pyched to impress you all with a new photo everyday, and I hope you like them. I'm sorry they are sort of inconsistent in theme though. I go from happy to sad, from scary to innocent in an instant which throws off people... But anyways, LOVE YOU ALL, and I try to do my best to comment on your streams as well, sometimes I sit here for two hours and feel like a dork commenting that long, but it's fun!

XoXoXxoOXoxOXoxxOooXOoo "


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